Aluminium Pool Fencing

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Aluminum Pool Fencing

At Blitz Glass we offer a range of Aluminium Pool Fencing products that can be tailored to meet your specific pool fencing safety & compliance requirements.

With an emphasis on high quality products the aluminium fencing is manufactured to an industry best standard and utilizes genuine Australian Interpon powder coat.

Our Aluminium Pool fencing panels are designed with 38mm * 25mm * 1.6mm rails and 16mm diameter * 1.2mm pickets with 6 point welds to meet all AS1926.1-2012 compliance requirements.

Standard Flat Top Aluminium Panels

The standard panels are 2450mm wide and 1200mm high and are available in Black, Paladium Silver & Woodland Grey. We also have a 3000mm wide panel and 1200mm high for those wider space requirements that is available in Black.

Standard Flat Top Aluminium Gates

The standard Aluminium gates are 975mm wide and 1200mm high with mitred top and bottom corners. The gates are available in Black, Paladium Silver & Woodland Grey. An adjustable width aluminium gate is available to suit those openings that do not allow for a standard gate or to be used as a double gate solution. The adjustable gate is available in a Black finish

Posts & Accessories

An extensive range of Posts and brackets are available to support all your aluminium fencing requirements. Posts are available in various lengths and also a base plated option. Posts are available in the 3 colours to match your required panels.

Gate Hinges & Latches

The D&D technologies hinges and latches are available to complement your gate solution. The TRU close hinge incorporates the patented adjustable tension functionality and are available in a standard size to cater up to 25 kilograms or a heavy duty option if above this weight.

Request the details of the specific product you need

If you require more specific details on any product group please select the product from the drop-down menu in the contact form and we will send you the requested information to the email address that you provide.