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Associated Products

At Blitz Glass we want to provide you a one stop shop for all your essential products so we stock an extensive range of products to help simplify your installation.

We have various perspex products that are available to address certain compliance issues that may exist with your installation.   The standard 4mm clear perspex sheets are available in 3 sizes as well as other compliance pieces are available including tap and powerpoint covers as well as folded angle pieces.

An essential element of a number of installations is to use various concretes, grouts or silicon. We stock rapid set concrete, high early strength grouts and a range of architectural silicons & epoxy glue.

We stock core drill machines with a range of different drill bits that may be required with your installation. These bits come in a range of sizes and include diamond tipped core drill bits and SDS concrete drill bits.

To support your installation requirements we also stock an extensive range of fixings that includes stainless steel coach and batten screws, tek screws, wall plugs, nuts, washers & threaded rod.

The Enduro Shield product range includes treatments for glass and stainless steel that protects and makes surfaces easier to clean.

Request the details of the specific product you need

If you require more specific details on any product group please select the product from the drop-down menu in the contact form and we will send you the requested information to the email address that you provide.