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Glass Panels – Pool Fencing

Blitz Glass offers a large range of clear toughened glass pool panels allows you to select an installation configuration to cover nearly all your glass fencing requirements.

Glass panels are available for fully frameless pool fencing, semi frameless pool fencing, various hinge panels, glass gates and a range of speciality panels for specific installation requirements.

Master Range

The Master range of gate panels is made using 8mm clear toughened glass which is lighter and leads to less wear and tear on the gate hardware over time. The gate panels are available in 8 widths and are all at 1200mm high.

The gates may be used to hinge from glass hinge panels or adjacent to a wall or post. The gates are pre-drilled to match up with the Master range of quality hinges & latches.

master range hingeThe Master range of gate hinges suite semi-frameless or fully frameless gate applications. The high-quality stainless steel self-closing spring hinges incorporate an integrated cone cap. A variety of hinge styles are available to suit glass to glass, square or round post or mounted directly to a wall.

The hinges are available in a polished or satin stainless steel finish

mater range gate latch

The Master range of gate latches is designed to suit a fully frameless or semi-frameless solution. The side pull latches are designed to meet the self-closing compliance requirements and are available to suit installation into a range of configurations including glass to glass, square post or directly onto a wall.

The side pull latches are available in a polymer or stainless steel finish.

Polaris Range

The Polaris range of gate panels are made using 12mm clear toughened glass and incorporate a specially designed cutout to suit the superior Polaris soft close hinges.

The 1200mm high gate panels have a 5mm radius edge and come in 2 widths (800mm and 900mm) and also 2 styles to fit either a glass panel or wall/post configuration.

polaris gate hinge

The Polaris range of gate hinges has a host of design features incorporated into a stylish and slimline new look hinge. The improved design features commercial rated adjustable tension springs with 3 spring closing settings and the highest quality European made dampeners for a smooth and soft close.

The 120 series hinge is now made with duplex SS2205 stainless steel and incorporates the revolutionary anti-drop gate packing system which significantly lowers the chance of gates dropping or sagging.

The Polaris hinges are available in polished stainless steel or black finish.

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