Glass Panels – Pool Fencing

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Glass Panels – Pool Fencing

Blitz Glass offers a large range of clear toughened glass pool panels allows you to select an installation configuration to cover nearly all your glass fencing requirements.

Glass panels are available for fully frameless pool fencing, semi frameless pool fencing, various hinge panels, glass gates and a range of speciality panels for specific installation requirements.

Fully Frameless
Pool Panels

Semi Frameless
Pool Panels

Hinge Panels & Gates

Specialty Panels

Fully Frameless Glass Pool Panels
Specialty Panels

A range of 12mm panels at various widths all at 1200mm high

A range of 10mm panels at various widths all at 1200mm high

A range of Hinge panels to support various gate configurations including the standard close and Soft Close options

Specialty panels for design or compliance requirements.  Raked, Stand Off & 1350mm high panels

Panels are produced under strict quality conformance requirements to ensure that the toughened glass complies to AS/NZS 2208 : 1996 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings as determined by AS1288 : 2006, AS 1926.1 2007.

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