Key Products

Each product range consist of a range of products to allow for the various design and installation configurations.

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Blitz Key Products

Glass Panels – Pool Fencing

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Blitz Glass offers a large range of clear toughened glass pool panels allows you to select an installation configuration to cover nearly all your glass fencing requirements.

Glass panels are available for fully frameless pool fencing, semi frameless pool fencing, various hinge panels, glass gates and a range of speciality panels for specific installation requirements.

Fully Framless Pool Panels

Fully Frameless Glass Pool Panels

A range of 12mm panels at various wodths, all at 1200mm high

Semi Framless Pool Panels

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

A range of 10mm panels at various wodths, all at 1200mm high

Hinge Panels & Gate

Hinge Panels & Gates

A range of hinge panels to support various gate configuations, including the standard close and soft close options.

Specialty Panels

Specialty Panels

Specialty panels for design or compliance requirements. Raked, Stand Off & 1350mm high panels.

Glass Panels – Balustrading

Frameless Balustrade and Stairs

Blitz Glass offers a large range of clear heat soaked glass pool panels allows you to select an installation configuration to cover nearly all your glass balustrading requirements.

Semi Frameless Balustrade Panels

Semi Frameless Balustrade Panels

The semi-frameless glass balustrade panels are all 10mm heat soaked panels. Two types of balustrade panels are available to provide an option for either 850mm or 950mm high panels.

Fully Frameless Balustrade Panels

Fully Frameless Balustrade Panels

The frameless glass balustrade panels are all 12mm heat soaked panes @ 970mm high. Two types of balustrade panels are available to provide an option for either a side rail or top rail configuration.

Stand Off Glass Panels

Stand Off Glass Panels

The stand off glass panels are all 12mm heat soaked panes @ 1280mm high with holes at the bottom of the panels in order to side fix the panels. Two types of stand off panels are available to provide an option for either a side rail or top rail configuration.

Panels are produced under strict quality conformance requirements to ensure that the toughened glass complies to AS/NZS 2208 : 1996 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings as determined by AS1288 : 2006, AS 1926.1 2007.

Glass Gates & Components

Combination Of Semi & Side Fixed Glass

Every pool fence requires a stylish and safe glass gate. We offer an extensive range of glass gates in various widths that are complemented by our high-quality hinge and latch components.

The range of hinges and latches provide you options to fit your gate in particular configurations and also to provide you the functionality and safety that you require whilst offering a stylish solution.

The Master range of gate panels is made using 8mm clear toughened glass which is lighter and leads to less wear and tear on the gate hardware over time. The gate panels are available in 8 widths and are all at 1200mm high. The gates may be used to hinge from glass hinge panels or adjacent to a wall or post. The gates are pre-drilled to match up with the Master range of quality hinges & latches.

The Polaris range of gate panels are made using 12mm clear toughened glass and incorporate a specially designed cutout to suit the superior Polaris soft close hinges. The 1200mm high gate panels have a 5mm radius edge and come in 2 widths (800mm and 900mm) and also 2 styles to fit either a glass panel or wall/post configuration.

Master Range

Master Hinge

The Master range of gate hinges suite semi-frameless or fully frameless gate applications. The high-quality stainless steel self-closing spring hinges incorporate an integrated cone cap. A variety of style of hinges is available to suit glass to glass, square or round post or mounted directly to a wall.

The hinges are available in a polished or satin stainless steel finish

Polaris Range

Polaris Hinge

The Polaris range of gate hinges has a host of design features incorporated into a stylish and slimline new look hinge. The improved design features commercial rated adjustable tension springs with 3 spring closing settings and the highest quality European made dampeners for a smooth and soft close.

The 120 series hinge is now made with duplex SS2205 stainless steel and incorporates the revolutionary anti-drop gate packing system which significantly lowers the chance of gates dropping or sagging.

The Polaris hinges are available in a polished stainless steel or black finish.

Master Gate Latches

Master Latch

The Master range of gate latches is designed to suit a fully frameless or semi-frameless solution. The side-pull latches are designed to meet the self-closing compliance requirements and are available to suit installation into a range of configurations including glass to glass, square post or directly onto a wall.

The side pull latches are available in a polymer or stainless steel finish.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminum Pool Fencing

At Blitz Glass, we offer a range of Aluminium Pool Fencing products that can be tailored to meet your specific pool fencing safety & compliance requirements. With an emphasis on high-quality products the aluminium fencing is manufactured to an industry best standard and utilizes genuine Australian Interpon powder coat.

Our Aluminium Pool fencing panels are designed with 38mm * 25mm * 1.6mm rails and 16mm diameter * 1.2mm pickets with 6 point welds to meet all AS1926.1-2012 compliance requirements.

Standard Flat Top Aluminium Panels

The standard panels are 2450mm wide and 1200mm high and are available in Black, Paladium Silver & Woodland Grey.   We also have a 3000mm wide panel and 1200mm high for those wider space requirements that is available in Black.

Standard Flat Top Aluminium Gates

The standard Aluminium gates are 975mm wide and 1200mm high with mitred top and bottom corners. The gates are available in Black, Paladium Silver & Woodland Grey.  An adjustable width aluminium gate is available to suit those openings that do not allow for a standard

Posts & Accessories

An extensive range of Posts and brackets are available to support all your aluminium fencing requirements.    Posts are available in various lengths and also a base plated option.  Posts are available in the 3 colours to match your required panels.

Gate Hinges & Latches

The D&D technologies hinges and latches are available to complement your gate solution. The TRU close hinge incorporates the patented adjustable tension functionality and are available in a standard size to cater up to 25 kilograms or a heavy duty option if above this weight.

Spigot Range

Blitz Glass commitment to quality and compliance means we supply products that are carefully designed, keeping in mind both appearance and also Australian Standards’ load requirements.

Each product range is rigorously tested for material composition and each spigot range is tested by a NATA certified testing body to load requirements.

Our large range of spigots and finishes ensures that product selection is possible for all installation requirements.

The Spigots are available in different styles suitable for Core Drilling, Base Plate option or side fixing.

Core Drilled Spigot

1 core drilled spigot

  • Stainless Steel Range

  • 2205 Stainless Steel

  • Square Spigots

  • Polished & Satin Options

  • Extended Spigot Options

Base Plated Spigot

2 base plated spigot

  • Stainless Steel Range

  • Square Spigots with Base Plate

  • Polished, Satin & Black Options

  • Domical Cover available to cover fixings

Side Fixed Spigot

3 side fixed spigot

  • Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Range

  • Polished, Satin or Black Options

  • Side Fixing Kits to Timber or Concrete

  • Packers, Lag Screws and Threaded Rod Available for Fitting

The stainless steel spigot range incorporates 2205 superior duplex stainless steel which features elevated levels of chemical components enabling superior strength and corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments   A range of black spigots are also available

The Anodised Aluminium range results in a very hard surface finish that is long lasting and easy to maintain. The patented double friction spigot allows for easier installation and is available as a core drilled or base plated style in a satin or black finish

Clamps & Stand Offs

Clamps and Stand Offs

Glass clamps provide a smart & functional solution for clamping glass panels. Our glass clamps are made from high-quality grade stainless steel, available in polish or satin finish.

A range of specially designed and engineered clamps and stand offs are available to complement your installation requirements. All products are made from the highest quality stainless steel.

Glass Clamps

Glass Clamps

Glass clamps provide a smart & functional solution for clamping glass panels. All our glass clamps are made from high quality 2205 grade stainless steel, available in polish or satin finish.

Our friction based glass clamps come complete with gaskets to suit 8mm, 10mm or 12mm glass. A bottom seat option is also available to better support the glass.

RIGI Clamps

RIGI Clamps

The RIGI clamps are a contemporary clamp which acts as a brace between glass panels providing additional rigidity to your fence.

These friction based clamps caters for various design requirements.

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Stand Off Pins

Stand Off Pins

Glass Stand Off Pins provide the ultimate finish in point fixing frameless glass panels. The extensive range of glass stand offs have been engineered to suit the 12mm thick glass and offer a range of installation advantages.

The stand offs are available in a 38mm or 50mm diameter option. Each stand off incorporates a “body” that are available in a range of sizes to suit your installation requirements. The stand offs are fixed using either a specially designed lag screw or threaded rod. These fixings are available in 10mm or 12mm depending on the stand off configuration that is selected.  The glass stand offs are available in a polished, satin or black finish.

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Glazing Posts

glazing posts

Glazing posts are used to support glass panels in a range of different configurations.

A range of Aluminium posts & associated fixings are available that allow the glass to be inserted and supported in the glazing channel of the post.

A range of Stainless steel post options are available to support your required configuration.  Posts are available in a 40mm square, 50mm Square or 50mm round profile and each have their associated fittings & caps.

Frameless Pool Fencing

Aluminium Posts

The posts incorporate a flat top cap and are available in a range of sizes including 1150mm, 1400mm, 1800mm and full 5800mm lengths. The extrusions are available as one way, two way, three way, 90 degree, 135 degree or half posts configurations with deep glazing pockets for flexibility with installing.

The posts are suitable for glazing 8mm, 10mm or 12mm glass with specifically designed captive glazing rubber to support each size.

stainless post round  stainless post square

Stainless Steel Posts (Square & Round)

The Stainless steel solution provides a high quality stainless steel post with accessories including base plates, domincal covers, dress rings & top caps

Posts are available in square & round configurations and are a stylish look for any pool fence when used with D Clamps.

stainless slotted posts

Stainless Steel Slotted Posts

For a stylish look, slotted round 50.8mm stainless steel 316 posts allow 10mm or 12mm glass to be seamlessly held in place with silicone. Stainless steel posts are sold in long lengths requiring cutting to required length prior to install.

Balustrade Handrails

Capture the stunning look of a glass balustrade with the highest quality glass, fixings and handrails.   There are a range of the handrail options available supported by specifically design fixings to ensure your balustrade installation requirements are met effectively.

Australian compliance requirements generally require all balustrade panels to be supported by either a top or side rail. A number of handrail options are available that incorporate a range of fixings to ensure an easier installation of your design requirements.

stainless steel top rail

Stainless Steel Top Rail Systems

The Summit top rails come in a range of sizes and are designed to slot onto the top of the glass panels and supported by the glass and a range of specifically designed fittings.  The Summit top rail solution incorporates a number of different sized top rails.

Top Rail Balustrades

stainless steel side rail system

Stainless Steel Side Rail Systems

The Euro side rail system come in a range of sizes and are designed to be supported by a range of fixings that are placed through the holes located at the top of the panels and connected to the handrail.

The Solo side rail system utilizes the 50mm*10mm 316 stainless steel handrail and is supported by a range of fixings that are placed through the holes located at the top of the panels and connected to the handrail.

Euro Offset Balustrade

aluminium handrails

Aluminium Handrails

A range of Aluminium handrails are available to meet your design requirements.

These incorporate a powder coated aluminium solution that can be configured as either a top or side rail option. Each range of handrails are complemented by fixings and accessories to assist with the installation requirements.

The Australis system is a complete balustrade system with handrails designed to complement the 50mm aluminium post system. The top rail is available in a rectangular or elliptical finish and is de-signed to attach to the top of the post. The side rail option utilizes specially designed handrail brackets that attach to the post & handrail.

aluminium handrail 1 aluminium handrail 2



Our Breezewire Stainless Steel Wire is a popular and beautiful choice for residential and commercial settings which provides a modern and attractive look.

We supply a range of products from marine grade 316 stainless steel that allow you to combine it with a range of posts to create a stunning stainless steel wire balustrade.

Stainless steel wire balustrading packaging

Stainless Steel Wire

Our 316 Stainless Steel wire is available in 100 or 305 metre rolls.  We recommend the 1*19 Stainless Steel wire rope which has had an extra ultrasonic washing production step that reduces tea staining and gives a brighter, cleaner finish.

  steel post - round wire balustrading

Stainless Steel Posts

Our 316 stainless steel posts are available in 50.8mm round profiles that are drilled at the required spacings to supported your installation requirements.

They are available in a base plate option with a left or right thread and incorporate a flat or curved saddle to  support your top rail requirements

spreader post

Spreader Posts

We also stock the 50*10mm wire spreader post with 5mm pre-drilled holes set at 81mm centres.

These posts are supported by a variety of base plate and top plate options are available to support your design configuration.

A host of fixings are available to secure the stainless steel wire to your posts or walls. These fixings allow for wire tensioning and securing to a range of different materials..

Blitz Screens Options

Slatted Screens

Slatted Screening

The patented framing system means no requirement for welding, riveting or screwing off each slat with options of a 9mm or 20mm spacing. The screening system incorporates hidden fixings providing a visually pleasing solution with extremely low maintenance.

The system is available in a cut to size option or in long lengths which gives you the choice of assembling on site or have pre-assembled panels and gates

Slatted Gates

Slatted Gates

There is no longer a need to weld gates as a select number of screw fluted ‘gate slats’ are used top, middle and bottom with the balance of standard slats simply pushed into the patented side frames.

The patented revolutionized gate utilizes screw fluted 65×16.5mm slats in conjunction with the 40x45mm patented gate side frames. The screw fixings into the ‘gate blades’ are hidden by a side snap-in gate insert. A heavy duty rail option is available for wider gates.

The system is suitable for pedestrian and double gates with a range of gate hinges and latches available depending on the type of gate and required functionality.

An industry first non-weld lockbox is available for the pedestrian gate system that is screwed and locked into place.

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gate

The patented non-weld gate system is also designed for sliding gates up to 6,000 mm wide. They are assembled using the heavy duty top rail, side frames and strategic heavy duty fixing screws to avoid welding. They are available with all accessories such as track, rollers, guide rails & stops.

This visually stunning gate with the heavy duty top rail matching with the slat width and minimal wheel gap is ideal for automating your gate solution.

Vertical Battens

Vertical Battens

Vertical Battens provide a patented non-weld snap-together system that can be cut to your particular sizes. The battens are designed to fit the face of walls and ceilings or between pillars/posts. They can also be used for pedestrian and sliding gates.

Various batten sizes are available to snap onto a simple fixing clip. Battens are available in Monument, Woodland Grey, Pearl White, Western Red Cedar and Mill finish.

Decorative Screens

Decorative Screens

The decorative screening panels have a durable aluminium surface that is lightweight with a rigid polymer core that is resistant to rust & rot and requires no painting. They allow for quick and easy installation with an optional framing system available.

The panels are 1000mm wide and 1850mm high and are height & width adjustable. A variety of designs are available in Charcoal, Brushed Silver & Natural White.

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