Spigot Range

Our large range of spigots and finishes ensures a product selection is possible for all installation requirements.

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Side Fixed Balustrade With Top Rail

Blitz Glass commitment to quality and compliance means we supply products that are carefully designed, keeping in mind both appearance and also Australian Standards’ load requirements.

Each product range is rigorously tested for material composition and each spigot range is tested by a NATA certified testing body to load requirements.

Our large range of spigots and finishes ensures a product selection is possible for all installation requirements.

1 core drilled spigot
2 base plated spigot
3 side fixed spigot
4 base plated spigot
5 base plated spigot
6 base plated spigot

The Spigots are available in different styles suitable for Core Drilling, Base Plate option or side fixing.

A range of black spigots are also available in various styles including round or square as well as single or double friction fixing.

The stainless steel spigot range incorporates 2205 superior duplex stainless steel which features elevated levels of chemical components enabling superior strength and corrosion resistance in harsh marine environments.    They are available as a core drilled, base plated or side mounted option

The Anodised Aluminium range results in a very hard surface finish that is long lasting and easy to maintain. The patented double friction spigot allows for easier installation and is available as a core drilled or base plated style in a satin or black finish

The Composite Spigot is designed specifically for in-ground glass fencing applications and due to its non-conductive composite construction, does not require earthing under AS3000.2007 equipotential bonding

Core Drilled Spigot

Base Plated Spigot

Side Fixed Spigot

1 core drilled spigot
  • Stainless Steel Range

  • 2205 Stainless Steel

  • Square Spigots

  • Polished & Satin Options

  • Extended Spigot Options

2 base plated spigot
  • Stainless Steel Range
  • Square Spigots with Base Plate

  • Polished, Satin & Black Options

  • Domical Cover available to cover fixings

3 side fixed spigot
  • Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Range

  • Polished, Satin or Black Options

  • Side Fixing Kits to Timber or Concrete

  • Packers, lag screws and threaded rod available for fitting

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