The shower is a showpiece in any bathroom and we stock a range of frameless and semi frameless shower screens and fixings to suit your specific design requirements


Shower Range

The shower is a showpiece in any bathroom and we stock a range of frameless and semi frameless shower screens and fixings to suit your specific design requirements.

Shower Panels

  • Extensive range of fully frameless shower panels
  • Specialty hinge panels, doors and brace panels
  • Choice of high-quality solid brace panels
  • Choice of high-quality solid brass hardware
  • Hardware available in matte black or polished chrome
  • All panels are toughened to Australian standards
  • Range of Semi-Frames shower panels available
  • Premium STAL inline & return shower panels

The Shower Systems come in 3 specific ranges including the Purity Frameless system, Trilogy Luxe semi framed and STAL Inline systems

Purity Frameless Shower

Purity Shower Range

The Purity Shower screen range provides fully frameless clear toughened shower panels with a choice of high-quality solid brass hardware in matt black or chrome plated to suit a range of applications.

We offer a huge range of standard glass panels to meet your design requirements including hinge panels, doors, brace panels & return panels.  We also stock an extensive range of brackets, supports, channel, knobs and the best quality door hinges that incorporate a number of innovative design features.

The Purity Shower System has an extensive range of Panels, Fixings & Accessories.

Purity Shower Panels

Purity Frameless ShowerThe Purity panels consist of a range of doors as well as Hinge, Return (Fixed) and Brace panels.

All panels are 10mm thick clear toughened Grade A glass with flat polished edges.

All door panels are 2041mm high and 600mm wide. Door knob panels are also available in widths of 610, 620, 630 & 640mm wide.

The hinge panels are 2050mm high and available in widths of 229, 279, 329, 379, 429,479,529 & 579mm.

The return panels are 2050mm high and available in widths of 797, 847, 870, 897, 947, 997, 1047, 1097, 1147, 1197, 1297 & 1397mm

Purity Hinges

purity hinges

The square edge Purity shower screen hinges are manufactured in solid brass and are available in Chrome plated, matt black or brushed gold finish.

The hinges are designed to suite a glass to glass (180 Degree or 135 Degree) or glass to wall configuration.

The are suitable for 8mm and 10mm glass and utilize the “D” style glass cutouts.   They are a dual action hinge opening inwards or outwards.

They are a premium hinge specially designed with a strong clamping plate and pre glued gasket.

Shower Brackets

purity shower brackets

The square edge Purity brackets are manufactured in solid brass and are available in chrome plated, matt black, pearl satin or brushed gold finish

The Wall brackets have a concealed fixing and are suitable for 8mm or 10mm glass panels.

Additional brackets are available depending on your requirements including a glass brace bracket, round wall bracket or door stop.

Door Handles & Knobs

purity door handles 1

The Purity Shower doors are designed to suit a handle or door knob.

The 180mm long handles are available in a polish SS304 or matt black finish and suits 8, 10 or 12mm glass

Polish 5S304 – 180mm long

A range of door knobs are available in a chrome plated, matt black or brushed gold finish.  Each slimline double pull know suits 6, 8, 10 or 12mm thick glass and are made from solid brass.

They are available in a variety of designs including round, square or L Shaped and can have a simple pattern or a recessed look.

Support Arms

purity support arms

The Purity adjustable support arms are designed to provide additional rigidity acting as a brace between the glass panel and the wall.  The support arms are manufactured with solid brass and SS304 tube and are available in a range of sizes in a Chrome plated or matt black finish.

The arms have double adjustability for easier installation and unique hidden wall fixings and are suitable for 8mm or 10mm glass.

A vertical arm is available to fix to the ceiling.

Shower Accessories

shower accessories 2

A range of accessories is available to assist with your installation requirements.  These accessories include clear setting blocks and translucent silicone.

Corner shelves for the shower are also available for storage of bottles or soap but also used as a brace for rigidity of the glass panels.

The Enduroshield glass treatment kit can be used to protect your glass as it acts as a repellent for water and oil.  Each kit covers up to 8sqm and includes the pre-cleaner & surface treatment.

U Channels (Fixing)

purity u-channel

The Purity Anodised Aluminium U channel is available in Chrome, matt black or pearl satin.

The slimline dry glaze system allows for fast installation and is suitable for 10mm glass.  The internal ribs hold secure the 2 part clear glazing PVC.

The 19mm deep standard U Channel can be used when the wall is out of square.  A new extended U Channel is now available which is 35mm deep.

Water Seals & Water Bars

purity water bars

The Purity shower system incorporates specifically designed water seals & water bars.

A number of PVC seals are available to suit 10mm glass and simply snap onto the glass panel.

A range of water bars are available in either a 3mm or 6mm height.  The water bars are available in clear acrylic, polished aluminium, black anodized or satin anodized aluminium

Frameless Shower Panels

Trilogy Shower range

The Trilogy Shower Screens offer a luxury look whilst maintaining a great pricing solution.

The Trilogy system is available in either an L Shape or an Inline configuration with up to 170mm of width adjustment to provide the flexibility to cover most of your installation requirements

The Trilogy is a 6mm framed toughened glass system fully flat packed with glass, framing and hardware with a comprehensive DIY Assembly manual.

Trilogy Luxe System

Trilogy LuxeThe Trilogy Luxe system is an extremely cost-effective option with huge width adjustment that makes installation quicker and easier.  It has a stylish square shape and uses Grade A toughened glass with a silver polished low profile frame and high-quality pivot hinges

Fully framed or semi-framed return panels are available with a slimline U channel for installation.

The innovative design allows the extrusion to telescopically move in and out for door width adjustment.  They are fully reversible with left or right side return panels.

Inline Panels are ideal between walls or used in conjunction with Return panels.  They are 1950mm high and provide for openings from 795mm through to 1560mm wide

Semi frameless return panels easily slot into inline panels for a corner configuration.  At 1950mm high they provide for returns from 830mm to 910mm wide.

DIY Showers – Trilogy Range

STAL Inline Shower

STAL Shower range

Our STAL Fully Frameless modular shower system is ideal for wide openings with its frameless sliding shower screen complemented with only the best quality roller fittings.

The STAL system can be used in both inline and return applications. It can achieve any installation size between 1200 to 1940mm with modular panels or can be complemented with custom made glass.

The STAL hardware kit includes all the rollers, stoppers and stabilizers required. Additional complementary products including the polished rail, wall brackets and seals are available to meet your installation requirements

STAL Inline System

The STAL module glass panel system consists of a range of 10mm clear toughened panels with pre-drilled holes ready for installation.

The system consists of door panels, fixed panels & return panels.

The STAL kit includes the high-quality rollers, brackets as well as the pre-drilled rails to support the glass panels.

The 10mm thick Door Panels are 2038mm high and available in widths of 700, 800, 900 & 1000mm

The 10mm thick Fixed Panels are 2050mm high and available in widths of 650, 750, 850 & 950mm.

The 10mm thick Return Panels are 2050mm high and available in widths of 897 & 1197mm.

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